revelation to pi
this poem actually needs input from the user. please fill in these fields with the following rules in mind:
  • one digit of pie is read sequentially ( i.e. "3", then "1", then "4" )
  • the value (n) of each digit is used to skip n words in the bible's revelation to john
  • there is only forward motion (skipped words are "lost")
  • start position allows the user to skip x initial words in the book.
  • offset on pi allows the user to skip y initial digits in pi.

start position ( 0 - 1000 ):
offset on pi ( 0 - 500 ):
lines ( 0 - 100 ):
words per line ( 0 - 7 ):

(may take several seconds to generate)

for the technically savvy, here's the code (everything is written is perl cgi):

bugs/code issues to be fixed:

  • numbers are left in from source [fixed]
  • inputs too large cause problems [fixed]
  • sometimes a word is left out [fixed]
  • entire book is read in and made into wordlist making long load times

feature wish list:

  • adjust words per line [added]
  • adjust lines per poem [added]
  • increase offset ranges (but safely) [made digit to array converter]
copyright © 2003 keith simmons